Apple Users

The Apple Users Group is a Del Webb chartered club that is dedicated to improving our collective skill with all Apple products,  including iPhone, iPad, and MAC computers.  We welcome all levels of experience from beginners to more advanced users, and all can share and learn from the experience. 
Typical meetings might include a review of  Apple industry news, new products, software revisions, features, and tips and tricks.  A portion of all meetings is dedicated to Q & A and our attendees consider this to be very productive.
Past members can attest that there is a lot of fun hidden within these products,  that you might never learn about, without our club forum.
The Apple User Group does not require dues and as mentioned, all are welcome at any time.  If you are not a member you can request membership with the button on the right, which merely means that you will receive our club correspondence.
A tribute to our founder, John See.
Nextdoor Group: DWPV Apple User Group
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The Apple Users Group meets:
    - on the third Thursday of each month
    - at 10:30 am
    - in the Arts & Crafts Room.
Note: you might see it listed as starting at 10:00 am.  We officially start at 10:30 but the room is scheduled starting at 10:00.  You are welcome to come early if you have some questions that you would like to get sorted out before we start.
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