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Board Appointed Committees
The below committees are strictly advisory committees selected by the Board of Directors. Click on the committee name for more information.
The ARC is responsible for approving/denying all ARC applications and performing an inspection of all approved modifications upon completion to ensure they were completed as approved. The ARC meets on the 1st & 3rd Fridays. ARC modification applications can be picked up at Resident Services and must be submitted to Resident Services by the Wednesday prior to the Friday meeting to be considered by the ARC for approval. 
Audio Visual Committee (AVC)
The AVC is responsible for the operation, maintenance, training and scheduling of Audio Equipment. They advise the Board on the acquisition of new audio, video and lighting needs. 
The CAC advises the Board on the charter club application process, and the Rules and Procedures documents that govern the Chartered Clubs; and advice on matters concerning use and functions of the Anastasia Club. 
Compliance Committee (CC)
The CC serves as a tribunal for the Association for addressing resident claims or disputes relating to community rules and regulations or violations of the declaration. 
The Fitness Advisory Committee (FAC) is chosen by the Board of Directors to assist and support the Fitness Director in matters pertaining to the community's fitness amenities, use and programs. The Committee also assists the Fitness Director in special projects and research.  This Committee is comprised of residents, all of whom utilize the fitness facilities on a regular basis and have sufficient familiarity with the facility’s rules, procedures, policies and programs.  
The Finance Committee (FC) advises the board on matters concerning financial activity, policy, and integrity related to the financial health of the Association. 

Lifestyle Committees
The below committees support the Lifestyle Director. Click on the committee name for more information.
Event Planning Team
This group is responsible for helping the Lifestyle Director plan and execute HOA sponsored events. These dedicated volunteers commit their time and talents from the initial event idea to the last piece of trash being picked up at the end of an event. They do everything from planning, execution, decor and much more. If you are interested in volunteering to help with any events please contact the Lifestyle Director, Jacqui Naumann at jacqui.naumann@fsresidential.com.
Ideas are always greatly appreciated! Have a good idea or an entertainer to recommend, email them to the Lifestyle Director.
WAT was developed to assist in effectively communicating information through the website in addition to offering website training and assistance to Club Presidents and their designees. 
Welcome Webbers was created to meet and greet new neighbors joining the community, invite them to events and social gatherings, and answer questions only a neighbor or owner could answer.