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Club and Group Forms and Portal Manuals


Apply to Charter

Steps to Chartering a Club
When enough interest is generated in a community activity, the chartering process can begin. If you are part of a group that would like to benefit from the perks of becoming a Chartered Club over an Interest Group, contact the Lifestyle Director to set up a meeting and go over the process.
Before you Begin 
Please read over the Club Operating Structure for all information, rules, and more. (view, download, print)
The first step to becoming a chartered club is to review these documents before you meet with the Lifestyle Director:
Steps to Chartering (View)
Application for Charter (Form CC-1) PDF | Docx
Initial Club Membership Roster (Form CC-2) PDF | Docx
Club Bylaws (Form CC-3) PDF | Docx
The group will hold a public organizational meeting (meet & greet) open to all DWPV residents. Once a date and time has been determined and confirmed, you will collaborate with the Lifestyle Director to make marketing material and an invitation to the meeting which will be sent out to all DWPV residents.
After the initial meeting, the Interim Officers (voted by a majority of those present at initial meeting) will hold an additional organizational meeting and will invite all residents that attended the initial meeting and those who expressed a written desire to participate to the Interim Officer(s). At this meeting, the following items are to be addressed:
  • Finalize the Application for Charter (Form CC-1)
  • Sign the Initial Membership Roster (Form CC-2). 
  • Finalize Club Bylaws (Form CC-3)
  • Finalize Policies and Procedures (if applicable)
  • Answer all questions regarding the proposed club and its activities.
Submit completed Policies and Procedures (if applicable) along with meeting minutes, Forms CC-1, CC-2, CC-3  to the Lifestyle Director to review. Once confirmed by the Lifestyle Director, the paperwork will be taken to the Clubs and Activities Committee for review. Final approval will be made by the Board of Directors. If a club officer is not present, the Lifestyle Director will notify them of the committee's decision.

Chartered Club Forms

[BLANK] Bylaws CC-3
[BLANK] Policies and Procedures Template
Quarterly Participation Reports Form CC-4
New Club Officers Form CC-5
New Portal Manager Form CC-5a
Portal Manager Agreement Form
Annual Club Schedule Forms CC-7
Form CC-7 is the Chartered Club Request form for each club's annual schedule. This schedule has been updated to run from January through December each year.  This does not change the Club Fiscal Year, only scheduled club meetings & special events.  This form can be submitted to the Lifestyle Office no earlier than December 1st and no later than December 15th of every year for the upcoming Chartered Club Calendar Year. Charter Club fiscal years are October 1-September 30.  Chartered Club Calendar Years are January 1 - December 31. PDF 
Room Reservation Forms CC-7a
Form CC-7a is the Chartered Club Request form is for special event room reservations.  Every special events on the calendar must have a CC-7a Form submitted.  This form can be submitted to the Lifestyle Office 60 days or more prior to the scheduled special event date.  Please remember to submit your CC-9 Form and Invoice if you plan to have a vendor on the premises the day of your event.   PDF
Quarterly Financial Reports Form CC-8
Monthly Sales Tax Form CC-8a
Contract for Services Form CC-9
Charter Club Budget Form CC-10
Financial Review Form CC-10a
Absentee Ballot Form CC-11
Absentee Ballot for Election of Officers Form CC-11a
Affidavit of Compliance Form CC-19
This form is required from all club officers on an annual basis. PDF

Additional Request and Policy Forms

Audio Visual Request Form
Decor Request Form
Charitable Donation Box Policy